The more generously you give your time , the more benefits will come back to you!  

PDNDS Volunteer Rewards Program "Volunteer Bucks"

The objective of this program is to not only increase member participation, but to reward those who generously donate their time to help PDNDS. "Volunteer Bucks" can be used to defray the costs of PDNDS membership, schooling shows, educational/clinics and more.The more you generously give your time to PDNDS, the more benefits will come back to you!  

Paso del Norte Dressage Society Volunteer Reward System 

At the PdNDS general meeting in February 2015, the members voted to institute a reward program for volunteers who help out at our events and activities.  The rewards program will follow the following guidelines: 

  • A reward voucher, valued at $5.00, will be given for each hour of volunteer work at a PdNDS activity. 

  • The activity manager (show manager, secretary, clinic coordinator, etc.) will fill out the voucher and distribute it (them) to the volunteers. One voucher will be distributed for each hour worked. 

  • The volunteer is responsible for keeping the voucher(s). It is just like money. Duplicates will not be issued. 

  • The volunteer can use the voucher to pay for PdNDS sponsored activities such as clinics, shows, dues, etc. 

  • The voucher must be signed and dated by the activity manager who distributed it. 

  • The voucher must be included with the entry fee to the PdNDS activity the volunteer is engaging in. 

  • The balance of the activity fee not covered by the voucher(s) must accompany the entry or payment. 

  • Individuals receiving the vouchers who are not riders or might not actually participate in a PdNDS activity can transfer them to a member or other person will is going to participate (for example; a parent can earn vouchers to be used towards a child’s expenses). 

  • Upon receipt of a voucher as a form of payment for a PdNDS activity, the person receiving the payment will mark the voucher as “used” and account for it in the financial record of the event for which it was used. 

  • All used vouchers will be given to the PdNDS Treasurer to be maintained with the financial records of the organization.