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April 30, 2016
Sierra del Sol Sport Horses, Las Cruces, NM

Please join Paso del Norte Dressage Society and Sandy Perez Welch by participating in a Dressage Trail Clinic. This clinic will teach riders to use simple trail obstacles to improve their understanding of basic concepts in western dressage. The focus will be on keeping classical dressage training fun and uncomplicated. This clinic is for both traditional and western dressage riders.  Requirements for riding Western Dressage Association Tests will also be covered. 

This clinic will allow for a maximum of 12 riders in 3 groups of 4 riders.  

Group 1 will cover introductory movements at a walk & jog/working trot. Basic Movements: trot over poles, 20 meter circles, rein back. 
Group 2 will cover Basic & Level 1(intermediate) movements at the walk, working jog/working trot, & working lope/working canter.  Basic Movements: trot over poles, 20 meter circles, rein back, turn on forehand, weave through cones.
Group 3 will cover Level 2 and 3 (Advanced) movements at the collected walk,  collected jog/  collected trot& collected lope/collected canter.   Basic Movements:  trot over poles, 20 meter circles, rein back, side pass, weave through cones, 15 meter arc over poles, turn on the haunches. 

REGISTRATION FEE per each horse/rider combination:      $60.00

Non-Member Fee FOR RIDERS (if not a current member of PdNDS):     $10.00

Auditor/ (includes lunch)                                                          $10.00

 This clinic is designed for both riders and auditors. Auditors will hear the clinician’s comments via a sound system. Traditional dressage riders are encouraged to participate. Each group will ride for 2 hours to ensure each rider gets individual attention.  When signing-up, please indicate the group you would like to ride in.  If riders wish to be paired with specific riders, please indicate this on the entry  and we will do our best to accommodate the request.

andy Perez Welch  has been a rider and trainer for over 30 years. She has started young horses and developed them for Western endeavors, Classical Dressage, and Hunters. Sandy has competed at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. She has competed through 4th Level and has coached clients through 2nd Level in Dressage. She has also served as the Young Horse Training Coach for Horses Unlimited. Albuquerque, NM. Sandy is currently competing in Western Dressage through 3rd Level, the highest currently written level. She is currently training horses and their riders  for Western Dressage and Classical Dressage in Caballo, NM. 

Del Sol Sport Horses

6685 Coyote Road, Las Cruces, NM

Directions: Go East on HWY 70 (leaving Las Cruces)

Turn Left on Weisner to the stop sign. 

At the dead end, turn right on Corona, then Left on Coyote.