2015 Year End Awards

Here is the List of our Year End Award Winners:

First Level Champion - Nancy Torell and Deyonce

Reserve - Missy Broyhill and Tucker

Second Level Champion - Sarah Dauz and Voltaire

Third Level Champion - Ann Hayes and Alegria

Forth Level Champion - Breeannon Ramey and Fantasia

Cassidy Award (High Point TB adjusted by level) - Melissa Broyhill and Tucker Titsworth Award (High Point Adult adjusted by level) - Haley Buckingham and Corrianna

Banjo Award (High Point Junior adjusted by level) - Breeannon Ramey and Fantasia

Gladiator Award (High Point average of two scores at first level) - Nancy Torell and Deyonce

Moonlight Gambler Award (High Point Second level) - Jane Wilmes and Travis