PdNDS Meeting Minutes

Feb. 18, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 6:37pm by the current Secretary Jane Wilmes, as both the President (Tami Lind) and Vice President (Kirsten Romig) have resigned. Helen Knopp, former nominating committee chair, presented the current slate of officer candidates to the general membership. No other nominations from the floor were presented and the slate of officers to the board for 2015 is as follows:

Missy Broyhill       President

Karin Lencyk         Vice President

Michelle Dorsey   Secretary

Jane Wilmes          Treasurer

A motion was made to add the newly elected President and Treasurer to the club bank account as this is customary; seconded, motion carried.

Minutes   No minutes were presented for approval from the last meeting.
Treasurer’s Report     Jane presented it to the membership for approval (see addendum.) Approved.
Amigos   There will be no Amigos show for 2015. Missy brought up the option of possibly having a Level 1 rated show at Miller Horse Farm in 2016. It will either be a 2 day trailer in show or a 1 day show and clinic. Miller Horse Farm does have some stabling available. Missy called for volunteers for show manager and show secretary. Anyone taking these positions needs to be aware that they are prohibited from riding in the show.
Schooling Shows   The schedule is on the website and also is sent out in the newsletter. We have L graduates for every show scheduled until the end of the year. Our next schooling show is March 22. Jane, show secretary, expressed an interest in riding in a few of the schooling shows and asked if anyone would volunteer to run the office for a few hours so she could do this. Several members indicated that they would be willing to help her out.
New Business    Missy brought up the idea of having an educational clinic in the fall, perhaps for those new to dressage. Tentative dates are Oct. 24, 25 at Miller Horse Farm and we will try to get a grant from the Dressage Foundation. Missy called for suggestions for a clinician and Sarah Martin’s name was mentioned. Michelle said that she would talk to Sarah about this and perhaps a better option would be the clinic Sarah presented to a group in Lincoln, Neb. showing how the basics at the lower levels are the building blocks to FEI. The membership liked this idea and a motion was made, seconded, motion carried.

Fundraising: Missy had some samples of polo shirts from VP Sports, men’s and women’s available in a choice of colors and fabric options. With the club logo these would cost us $16.50 and we could sell them on the website for $25 each. We do not have to order a certain amount of bulk inventory and could take individual orders on these. A motion was made to offer these on the website, seconded, motion carried.

Missy also had a sample sweatshirt that she had gotten from ODS, suggested that the club could also do something similar and we could have a design contest and offer a prize. A motion was made to do this, seconded, motion carried.

Awards: A motion was made that we return to the original awards scoring period. Motion seconded, passed. The PdNDS competition year/ awards scoring period now coincides with the USDF competition year and the USDF/PdNDS membership year.  Missy reminded the membership to send Ann any scores earned at shows outside of PdNDS for the achievement awards. The date for the awards banquet will be Sunday, May 3 and it will be a brunch. Arden volunteered to make the arrangements at a restaurant for this.

Missy would like to present rosettes instead of certificates for the PdNDS level awards. A motion was made, seconded, motion carried. She also wanted the membership to think about what else they might want for prizes in lieu of the traditional $50 gift certificate to Dressage Extensions that we now give.

Volunteers: It was brought up that we need to have some sort of volunteer incentive program in place. The idea of volunteer bucks was presented and these could be handed out after the volunteer’s shift was over at events held by the club. Volunteer bucks will be paid at a $5 value for every hour worked. Lisa offered to set up the policy.   A motion was made to try this for a year, seconded, motion carried. Lisa will write this up and have it added to our PdNDS website. It will be in place by the March 22 schooling show and the volunteer bucks will be available in the show office.

Jane made a motion that the club should hold meetings more often, perhaps a general membership meeting every other month and a board meeting in the months in between. Lisa mentioned that we must not be in violation of the bylaws to do this. No one had a copy of the bylaws readily available so we will have to make sure that we are in compliance or we must amend the bylaws.

No other business was presented at this time. The board will check the bylaws, with the next meeting TBA.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:43pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Dorsey

Secretary, PdNDS.

Treasurer’s Report February 18, 2015

Total Income from 2014 $13,499.46

Total Expenses from 2014 $15,170.44

Net Loss 2014 $1670.98 Income

Year-to-Date $1274.02

Expenses Year to Date $1198.32

Current Checking Account Balance $5856.52

Current Savings Account Balance $ 775.03

Total $6631.55

February 8, 2015 Schooling Show Income $818.93

Expenses $266.00

Profit $552.93 (Thank you Karin Lencyk for waiving judge’s fee.)

Additional Income Memberships $203.24

Additional Expenses USDF GMO Membership Fees $200.00

There are no outstanding bills or payments due at this time.